In the real world of golf instruction, there are very few Roy McAvoys left out there. Personal eccentricities aside, golf pros all basically teach the same things. If everyone agrees that going to a pro for lessons is the gold standard of learning, why aren’t we getting any better? And why are there fewer golfers than there were just a few scant years ago? My OVER THE TOP GOLF® instructional eBook may leave YOU feeling like Tin Cup.

I remember my first day on a golf course. Borrowed clubs, smashing wicked slice after wicked slice down the fairways, having the time of my life! I was the proud owner of an over the top golf swing. It had the comfort of loafers and the consistency of a train schedule.

Then I decided to try getting good. I guess there were a few Runyonesque characters still left teaching the golf swing. One old-timer screamed at his students unmercifully…and loud so everyone on the range would have to take notice of your embarrassment. His was a proponent of the “get good or get out” approach. Right on down to my last pro whose chant of  “you came over the top” after almost all of my outside-in swings finally drove me over the precipice.

TIN CUP:  “Greatness courts failure, Romeo. That’s why most people, in their whole lives, never ever reach for the brass ring, never know when to dig deep and try for the impossible shot…”

ROMEO: “You’re right about that, boss, but sometimes… sometimes… par is good enough to win.”

Remember this classic scene where Roy McAvoy talks to Romeo, his caddy, about “defining moments” in one’s life. They talk about the 13 Tin Cup took on a hole to miss qualifying for the PGA Tour by one shot.

TIN CUP: “If I had it all to do over, I’d still hit that shot.”

In life as in golf, it’s you who makes the final decision. My defining moment was born of desperation which I don’t hesitate to admit. But I pulled it off. Instead of giving in-I gave up! Gave up trying to do the impossible (see the thousand-plus articles on the web offering to “cure” your over the top move). I created a golf swing that puts my ball out there almost as far as the longest guys in my group-and I still come over the top.

TIN CUP:  “You know why I’d still hit that shot?”

It’s the reason only a very few people experience the unparalleled joy of accomplishment in the face of the longest odds….

TIN CUP: “I’d hit it again because that shot was a defining moment. And when a defining moment comes along you define the moment or the moment defines you. I did not shrink from the challenge. I rose to it.”

As a functioning unit, the mechanics of the “proper” golf swing were unattainable for me. It should have been powerful and accessible instead of a collection of jig-saw puzzles that were all missing a few pieces. Now I have a fluid, comfortable swing that works. No matter how bad you are playing right now, using just five simple set-up changes and your own swing, prepare to be shocked, surprised and, above all, extremely satisfied with how you’re hitting the ball. The best part? When your OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing gets a little loose, you can fix it yourself, and fast.

ROMEO: “Well… you could go out and win The Open.”
TIN CUP: “Romeo, that idea has promise.”
ROMEO: “I was joking.”
TIN CUP: “I ain’t.”
Have as much fun as you did on that first day.

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